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Learner Self-Management Cross-Cultural Communication
and Managing Diverse Work Forces
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Phone:  (301) 933-6931


PhD. Anthropology, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Dissertation: National Bilingualism in Paraguay

M.A. Linguistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

B.A. Linguistics (with a minor in ESL), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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THE LANGUAGE LEARNING STRATEGIES DISC Copyright 1986. (Project Director, Instructional Designer, Subject Matter Expert) (An 8 hour instructional program to teach language learning).

REEP HOUSEKEEPER TRAINING (Project Manager and Instructional Designer) 1991. (A repurposed videodisc to teach ESL communication skills to housekeepers)

ENGLISH WORKS! (Project Manager, Instructional Designer, Producer) 1993. (A ten part video series for Workplace ESL). (Distributed via satellite by PBS Educational Services, in all 50 states of the U.S.)

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Fulbright Scholar, Universidad Central de Ecuador, Centro de Idiomas, Quito (September 27, 2016 - January 26, 2017).

Visiting Professor, Department of Languages and Cultures, Universidad de la Sabana, Bogota, Colombia, (September 19--October 15, 2011).

Guest Professor, Facultad de Idiomas, Universidad Autonoma Benito Juarez de Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico (January-March, 2008)

School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Visiting Scholar (Nov. 2006 - April 2007)

Department of Second Language Studies, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Visiting Colleague (January - April, 2006)

Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico, Visiting Professor (January - March, 2001 and January-March, 2003)

Johns Hopkins University, National Foreign Language Center, Mellon Fellow (Sept, 1996 - June, 1997)

George Washington University, Dept. of Slavic Languages & Linguistics, Senior Research Scholar (July, 1990-August, 1993)

Arlington County School District, REEP, Project Manager, Interactive Videodisc Project (Aug, 1990-Dec 1991), Video Production Manager and Instructional Designer (Sept, 1991-present)

University of Pennsylvania, Lauder Institute, Wharton School of Business, Associate Director, Language & Cultural Perspectives and Senior Research Fellow (September, 1988 - June, 1990).

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Western Center (at University of California, Berkeley), Research Associate. (October, 1982 - January, 1985).

National Center for Bilingual Research, SWRL, Los Alamitos, California, Senior Researcher. (September, 1980 - September, 1981)

University of California, Berkeley, Dept. of Education, Language and Reading Division, Research Associate. (Fall, 1978 -August, 1980)

California State University, Northridge, Dept. of Anthropology, Visiting Professor. (Fall, 1977 - June, 1978)

Faculty, LSA Summer Linguistic Institute, University of Hawaii. (Summer, 1977)

East-West Center, Culture Learning Institute, Honolulu, HI, Senior Fellow. (Aug, 1974 - Aug, 1977)

East-West Culture Learning Institute, Coordinator, Language Planning Program, Honolulu, HI. (June 24 - August 24, 1977)

Summer Linguistic Institute, University of Hawaii, Planning Chair, Language Planning Section, (June 27 - August 18, 1977)

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National Capital Language Resource Center, George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Workshop on Promoting Listening Comprehension, (June, 2006; May 31-June 1, 2007; May, 2008; June 10-11, 2009; June, 2010; June 22-23, 2011)

Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center, Monterey, California. Workshop on Promoting Listening Comprehension (April, 2010; and April 4-8, 2011)

Universidad Autonoma de Tlaxcala, Mexico, Workshop on Promoting Learner Self-Management for Language Teachers (June 30--July 4, 2008).

Universidad Autonoma de Oaxaca, Mexico, Workshop on Language Counseling and Consulting on Developing Their Self-Access Center (January 15--March 12, 2008; February 18-March 10, 2009)

Department of Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Languages, University of Hawaii, Honolulu. Workshop on Building Vocabulary and Improving Listening Comprehension (March 7, 2006)

Tec de Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Workshops on Learner Self-Management (February, 2005)

Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico. Workshops on Promoting Learner Self-Management in Self-Access Centers (Jan.-Feb, 2005)

U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service Institute. Workshop on Promoting Listening Comprehension (December, 2004)

Universidad de las Americas, Department of Languages, Puebla, Mexico. Workshop on Self-Access (April, 2003)

TESOL, Pre-Institute Workshop on Listening Comprehension. Baltimore, MD (March, 2003).

Department of State English Language Specialist Program, Thailand and Cambodia. Workshops on Listening Comprehension, Learner Self-Management, Vocabulary Learning, Self-Access, Learning Strategies at: Chiang Mai University, Ministry of University Affairs Foundation English Curriculum (Bangkok and Rajabhat Institute, Chiang Rai), Teacher Training Center (Phnom Penh) (October, 2002)

Department of State English Language Specialist Program, Mexico. Workshops on Listening Comprehension, Learner Self-management, Self-Access, Learning Strategies at Autonomous University of Tuxla, Gutierrez; University Ibero-America, Puebla; Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, Toluca; Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo, Pachuca (October, 2001)

University of Quintana Roo, Chetumal, Mexico. Workshop on Learner Self-Management (March, 2002).

Universidad Autonoma de Tlaxcala, Mexico, Workshop on Learner Self-Management for language teachers (April, 2001)

Benemerito Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, Mexico. Workshop on Learner Self-Management (October, 2001).

Council of Europe, Lingua A project on Language Learner Autonomy, Workshop on Learner Self-Management, Uppsala University, Sweden (April, 1999).

University of Karlstad, Sweden, Workshop on Learner Strategies (March, 1998)

Penn Language Center, University of Pennsylvania, Workshop on Learner Strategies (November, 1997).

LIFT Program, Australian National University, Canberra. Weekend course on learner strategies and learner autonomy for ESL and foreign language teachers (February, 1995)

USIA Academic Specialist Program, Egypt. Strategies workshop for high school and university teachers of English. (October-November, 1993)

USIA Academic Specialist Program, Italy. Workshops for high school and university teachers of English on listening comprehension, learner strategies, and video (Oct. 1991 and Oct-Nov 1992)

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Workshop on Learner Strategies for university teachers of Japanese, (Sept. 1992)

Virginia Institute for Lifelong Learning-ESL, Arlington, VA. Invited Workshop on Using Video for Listening Comprehension, (Aug. 1993, Aug. 1994)

Virginia Institute for Lifelong Learning-ESL, Arlington, VA. Workshop on Learner Strategies (Aug. 1991 & Aug1992)

WATESOL, Washington, D.C. Invited Workshop on Integrating Learner Strategies into the Curriculum (April, 1994)

Maryland Adult Education Professional Development, Summer Institute. Invited Workshop on Integrating Learner Strategies into the Curriculum (July, 1994).

National Cryptologic School, Ft. Meade, Maryland. Invited workshop (Promoting Language Learning and Promoting Communicative Competence. (January, 1984)

Defense Language Institute, San Francisco, CA Invited workshops (Promoting Language Learning. (June, 1985)

National Cryptologic School, Ft. Meade, Maryland. Invited workshop, ET and High Technology Symposium (January, 1983)

University of Texas, Bilingual/Bicultural Studies, San Antonio, TX, Lectures on language acquisition, language planning and relation between language and cognitive development (July, 1980)

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Editor, Language Planning Newsletter (1975-1986)

Editorial Board, International J. of the Sociology of Language

Editorial Board, Language Problems and Language Planning

Publications Committee, American Assn. of Applied Linguistics (1978-1979)

Chair, Language Planning Section, AILA, International Assn of Applied Linguistics (1977-1987)

Member, Nominating Committee, American Anthropological Assn (1984-86)

Member, Nominating Committee, American Assn. of Applied Linguistics (1984-85)

External Examiner (Phd) University of Mysore. Rajyashee Subbayya (1981)

External Examiner (Phd) Melbourne University, Paul Andrew Guba (1998)

External Examiner (Phd) LaTrobe University, Ag. Bambang Setiyadi (2000)

External Examiner (Phd) Sydney University, Fumie Kato (2000)

External Examiner (Phd) La Trobe University, Konder Manurung (2002)

External Examiner (Phd) Benemerito Universidad de Puebla, Connie Johnson (2006)

Research Counselor for the Online Master in English Language for Self-directed Learning, Action Research Projects, Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures, University of the Sabana, Bogota, Colombia